Registered office in Milan: a solution for every request!

It’s opportune to highlight that there are different types of registered office, depending on the real necessities and the type of activity that you would like to unfold or transfer.

We start by talking about the most classic form or registered office, the one for partnerships, capital companies, cooperatives etc. Our business center in Milan proposes two types of registered office addressed to these forms of company and namely the so-called “active” registered office in Milan or the ”passive” registered office

One of the first problems that have to be faced by someone who decides to start up an activity in Milan, or to transfer here the registered office for an already existing activity, or to open here a new branch, or to unfold a professional activity such as lawyer, engineer or anyway a freelancer, is exactly having to decide, in a city that very often one doesn’t know, where to appoint the registered office of one’s activity, having to find the spaces where to open the new branch or where to appoint theprofessional address.

All this without considering the huge costs of a start-up. The choice of many falls on their own accountant, but it isn’t always the most suitable or the most prestigious solution to their needs, because, let’s not forget that even if we often say “it’s not the coat that makes the gentleman”, it is also true that in the society today, centered on appearances, on consumption, on image, the first business card and the first impression of your client, long before your professionalism, because this presumes that he has already tested your services and your products, or knows you directly or by the word of mouth, will be precisely your own image

Think what would happen if a client were to go to the registered office that you declared and had found another company instead of yours or worse, the concierge man had not known that you might be a client of the XYZ accounting study.

officeThe solution is very obvious: our business center in Milan that, thanks to almost 20 years of experience, can assure, beside the prestige of a registered office in the heart of the city, at 30 meters from the Central Railway Station, where, not by chance are the head offices of the Region and some of the most important Italian and foreign companies, also a whole series of additional highly professional services, that go from the possibility of having a telephone address with personalized answer to being able to meet your clients directly in our elegantly furnished offices, occupying them exclusively for the time you need, from one hour to half a day or a day etc. 

At what price? Our business center in Milan has thought about this too and can suggest the most suitable solutions to your requirements at highly competitive costs.