The business address, as well as the active or passive registered office in Milan, allows you to use the civic address of our business center in Milan, writing it on all the documentation related to the company (website, letterhead paper, brochure, business cards etc.) with the difference that you may not transcribe it at the Chamber of Commerce, the VAT office etc.

It is often used by companies that already have a registered office in another city and want to have a reference point in Milan too.

The business address allows you to receive communications such as commercial letters, registered letters, insured letters, catalogues, small packages, except for notices, judicial documents, administrative documents etc.

The correspondence arrived will be registered in real time and free of charge, in a special report, by the secretariat of our business center, that will send an email, also free of charge, to the email address indicated by the client, so that he can always be updated about the mail arrived and in stock.

The mail received can be sent by means of registered letter, according to the indications given by the client, at the communicated address, with the frequency desired: once a week, twice a week, every 15 days or once a month, or it can be kept at our client’s disposal, at the secretariat of our business center in Milan, so that it may be withdrawn personally, by means of a courier o by an authorized person presenting the ID card and the authorization from our client.

If you like you can combine the business address with a personalized telephone address or the use of an office service, for one hour, half a day, one day or, however, for the time needed to meet your guests or suppliers.

Summarizing, the business address in Milan includes:

  • Using the address of our business center in Milan that may be written on the company’s documentation like letterhead paper, brochures, website and business cards, but by no means inserted or transcribed in the official documents of the Chamber of Commerce, the VAT office etc.;
  • The company logo exposed at the floor, at the exit of the elevators, to highlight the presence of your company within our business center in Milan;
  • The receipt and registration of the mail in a report that will be sent by email every time new mail arrives.