We immediately say that it is the most complete form of registered office in Milan. It allows you to appoint the registered office of your own company at the address of our business center in Milan, transcribing it also at the Chamber of Commerce, at the VAT office and on any formal or informal document, whether it is letterhead paper, websites, business cards, brochures etc.

This type of registered office allows you to receive any kind of communication, from commercial letters to registered ones, insured letters, catalogues, small packages, notices, judicial documents, administrative documents etc.

The correspondence arrived will be registered in real time and free of charge, in a special report, by the secretariat of our business center, that will send an email, also free of charge, to the email address indicated by the client, so that he can always be updated about the mail arrived and in stock.

The mail received can be sent by means of registered letter, according to the indications given by the client, at the communicated address, with the frequency desired: once a week, twice a week, every 15 days or once a month, or it can be kept at our client’s disposal, at the secretariat of our business center in Milan, so that it may be withdrawn personally, by means of a courier o by an authorized person presenting the ID card and the authorization from our client.

This service is combined with a telephone number, also included in the charge of the registered office and with no limit for the incoming calls, that themultilingual secretaries of our business center will answer in a personalized way with the name of your company, for 11 hours a day, from Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 7.30 pm, and for 9 hours on Saturday from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. The client will be provided also with a centralized fax number for receiving and eventually sending faxes.

If you like, you can combine it also with an office service by the hour or with the purchase of promotional packages for a quality/price ratio at the highest levels. All this for trying to render your registered office as dynamic, professional and workable as possible.

Summarizing, the active registered office in Milan includes:

  • Using the address of our business center in Milan, that can be written on company’s documentation and transcribed at the Chamber of Commerce, the VAT office and on every document related to the company;
  • The company logo exposed at the floor, at the exit of the elevators, to highlight the presence of your company within our business center in Milan;
  • The receipt and registration of the mail in a report that will be sent by email every time new mail arrives;
  • A telephone line answered in a personalized way in the name of your company by the multilingual secretaries of our business center for 11 hours a day. There are no limits for incoming calls and every received call will be registered in a special report and sent, free of charge, to our client’s email for an update in real time. We can also send summary reports at midday and/or at the end of the day, included also in the charge;
  • A centralized fax number.